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*"Erin is a kind and thorough physical therapist.  I never felt rushed during my treatment with her and always felt comfortable.  She was so vital in helping my body heal." -A.A.


*"I begrudgingly went to Erin after one too many embarrassing moments.  She made me so comfortable and seriously helped me!  I am so grateful!  Who knew?!  If you have problems leaking, peeing your pants, or are controlled by your bathroom visits, pelvic therapy is so life-changing.  In about 6 sessions I was shocked at the difference it made in the quality of my life!" -C.J.  

*"I received excellent care from Erin DeVoy following complications from my hysterectomy.  Not only is Erin a skilled and knowledgable physical therapist, but she is compassionate, patient, and kind and she worked hard to make me feel comfortable." -E.D.

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